The Ultimate Poison Dart Frog Care Guide

 The Ultimate Poison Dart Frog Care Guide

How do I take care of a poison dart frog?


Poison dart frogs are beautiful amphibians that are growing in popularity. Their different color variations make them a wonderful display animal. Building vivariums for poison dart frogs can be fun and their care is minimal. 



Dart frogs are from regions of the globe that have high humidity. Their enclosures need to mimic their native environment. A glass vivarium with small vents is one of the best ways to house a dart frog. The glass will also be able to hold in the humidity really well.


One or two frogs will live comfortably in a 10-gallon tank. A 20-gallon tank is recommended for more than two frogs. 


The substrate needs to consist of hydroballs, soil, and moss. Hydroballs are little clay balls that are great for holding in moisture and humidity in vivariums.


The soil that you want to use is soil specifically from pet or reptile stores. Regular potting soil is not going to be safe to use for your frogs.


Moss is great for holding in moisture and it will feel just like the jungle ground where they dwell. Fake moss that sticks to the soil will also work and make cleaning easier. Changing out moss or plants can be time consuming as well. Fake foliage is perfectly fine for your frog and it won’t die off. 


Several hides are necessary as well. You can create hides planting real or fake plants and using small pieces of driftwood. 


There are vivariums that come with UVA/UVB lights attached to the lid. The lights can also switch from a day to a nighttime setting. Lighting is great for live plants and they will produce enough heat for your frog. 



Lightly mist the vivarium once a day. If you used the hydroballs, soil, and moss, the keeping the humidity really high should not be a problem. Humidity needs to be around 80% and the temperature should be between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. 



Flightless fruit flies are great to feed your dart frog. They also eat springtails and other isopods. All of the insects that you feed your frog needs to be lightly dusted with some sort of reptile calcium powder. 

Wrapping Up


Dart frog care is very easy and they make a great pet for someone that wants a display animal. Decorating their vivariums can be really fun and you can be as creative as you want. Keeping the temperature and humidity at the appropriate level can be done through UVB lights and a light misting everyday. 

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