The Ultimate Guide To Gargoyle Gecko Care

 The Ultimate Guide To Gargoyle Gecko Care

What Do You Need To Take Care Of A Gargoyle Gecko?


Gargoyle geckos are one of the easiest reptiles to care for because of their low maintenance. They can eat commercial gecko food and they do not require a UVA/UVB bulb. 



Gargoyle geckos can be housed in a large plastic or glass terrarium. The standard size for baby geckos is a 10-gallon tank with a screen on top. 


Adults will need a tall 20-gallon enclosure with a screen on top. 


A male can be put with other females. Do not place more than one male in the terrarium to avoid aggressive behaviors. 


Gargoyle geckos are most active at night. Provide a lot of foliage and hides for them during the day. Fake leaves, driftwood, vines, and rock hides work best.



Gargoyle geckos spend the majority of their time on the ground of their enclosure. Safe substrates you can use are reptile carpet and peat moss with soil that does not have perlite.



You can feed your gargoyle gecko the Pangea Gecko Diet. The powdered diet can be used for both crested and gargoyle geckos. 


Use a shallow dish and fill it two parts water and one part food. Mix it until it has a “ketchup” like consistency. 


Baby food with fruits can also be used.


Small store-bought crickets dusted with calcium powder is also essential for their diet. 


They only need to be fed once to twice a week with the powdered diet. 



Provide clean water in a shallow dish as needed. Lightly mist the terrarium daily. 


The terrarium humidity needs to be between 50%-70%. The right humidity will help your gargoyle gecko have a healthy shed.



The terrarium temperature needs to be kept between 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. At night, the temperature is best in the low 70s. 


Provide the appropriate temperature by using a ceramic heat bulb. 


UVB lights are not required if you use a lot of vitamin D3 in their diet. A UVB light never hurts to use if you want to make sure your gecko gets enough vitamin D3 during the day. 


Lights need to be on for 12 hours of the day and completely off at night. 


Use a digital thermometer to correctly gauge the temperature and humidity.



Give your gargoyle gecko at least four days to adjust to their new environment before handling. 


Handling sessions need to be short. Five minutes is the recommended time. 


Baby gargoyle geckos are skittish and can injure themselves trying to escape your hands. Wait until they are around three inches long. 


Baby gargoyle geckos could also try to bite if they feel afraid. Adults are less likely to bite. Their bites can break the skin because they have sharp teeth.



  • Mouth Rot
  • Impaction
  • Metabolic bone disease
  • Mites/parasites


Symptoms of these illnesses are weight loss, being lethargic, brittle bones, and lack of appetite. See a vet right away if you notice any of these symptoms.

Wrapping Up


Gargoyle geckos do not need a lot of supplies to be happy. Places to hide, a heat lamp, and gecko food will keep them happy and healthy. These geckos are a great pet for first-time gecko owners. 

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