The Ultimate Guide To Crested Geckos

 The Ultimate Guide To Crested Geckos

How Do You Take Care Of A Crested Gecko?


Crested geckos are very low-maintenance pets that are extremely popular for young children to have. Not a lot of supplies are required for this docile creature. With the right diet and housing, your crested gecko can live up to 10-20 years. 



Crested geckos are safe pets to have around children or a beginner reptile owner because they have a calm temperament. They can be skittish at first, but regular handling will help with that. It is possible that your crested gecko could bite you. Luckily, it is very rare and does not hurt if it happens… Just ask this kid. 



If they become scared or feel threatened, they might drop their tails. Their tails will not grow back once it has been dropped. 


You can have more than one crested gecko in a terrarium as well. However, males can become aggressive and territorial if there is more than one male in the tank. One male with two other females will be just fine. 



When handling a crested gecko, you need to hold them gently. They can become injured if you hold them too tight in your hand. Injuries could happen when they try to jump away from you as well. 


Carefully hold them in your hand and let them crawl around your arms. Stay low to the ground too so they don’t jump from too high. 


A regularly handled crested gecko will feel comfortable hanging out on any place that it can climb to on your body.



Crested geckos will not grow to be bigger than your hand. They stay fairly small, which means that you will only need a 20-30 gallon tank. Taller tanks are best because crested geckos love to climb. They will try to climb to the highest point wherever they are. 


Their toes have special pads that allow them to scale walls easily. A tall tank will make your crested gecko happy because they will have a lot of room for climbing. If you want more than one crested gecko in a tank, then you will want to consider getting a taller terrarium. 


Since they are arboreal, place several branches, leaves, and rocks in the terrarium. Fake vines are perfect for crested geckos. Bamboo is also very sturdy to keep in the terrarium. 


The substrate in the terrarium needs to be able to retain moisture. Moss and paper towels hold in moisture the best. These substrates are also the safest to use because your gecko won’t ingest them when they hunt. It is common for a gecko to accidentally swallow any loose substrate while they are hunting. 





The appropriate temperature for a crested gecko during the day should range from 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit. At night, the temperature can drop to as low as 65 degrees Fahrenheit. 


 The humidity levels in the tank need to be between 60%-80%. The higher humidity helps them a lot when it is time to shed. You can create a humid environment lightly misting their tanks every day. 


Get a digital thermometer to accurately keep track of the temperature and humidity. 


Crested geckos do not need UVB lighting, but having a low amount can still be beneficial to their digestion and health. A UVB light that can provide some heat is perfect. 

Food And Water


Crested geckos can eat small crickets and a commercial gecko diet. The crickets cannot exceed the width of the gecko’s head. 


Geckos typically eat a powdery mix that you mix with a little bit of water. The powder consists of crushed fruit and bugs which will give them a lot of protein. When it is mixed with water, the powder becomes thick and easy for the gecko to just lick up.


You can also feed them mashed fruit, baby food, bananas, and any other fruit that you can smash up. 


Baby crested geckos need to be fed daily and adults only need to eat three times a week. Their food also needs to be dusted with calcium powder or some type of vitamin D3 supplement. 


Crested geckos drink the water off the walls of the tank once it has been misted. They will lick the little water droplets off and stay hydrated this way. Since they are most active at night, try spraying their tank before you go to bed so they can have a lot more opportunities to stay hydrated.

Wrapping Up


Crested geckos are docile animals that can still be shy with handling. They love to scale the walls of their tanks and need a commercial gecko diet. Lighting is not required but always encouraged. The overall maintenance of their tanks is easy which is great for beginner owners. 


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