The Truth About Green Tree Python Temperament

 The Truth About Green Tree Python Temperament

Are Green Tree Pythons Aggressive? 


Green tree pythons do not like to be handled by people. They can become easily startled and should not be brought home by someone who is unexperienced with snakes. They will bite if they feel threatened. 



Green Tree pythons are typically labeled as aggressive because they do not like being handled at all. Instead of trying to hide when threatened, they will strike out at someone’s hand. Rough handling can also cause a green tree python to become aggressive. 


Trying to handle a green tree python will put you at risk for getting bitten. They have extremely long fangs that can really hurt you. Green tree pythons are completely docile when they are left alone on their perch. Once you try to put your hands in the tank, that could be a different story. 


Green tree pythons can be easily startled as well. Try and remain calm when you are interacting with them. Quick and jumpy movements will cause them a lot of stress. 


Safe Handling

Handling and cleaning their terrariums can be easy if you do everything properly. Their tanks will get dirty and sooner or later you will have to take your snake out. You’re probably wondering how to do this without getting bitten. 

I would recommend getting really thick gloves that won’t be punctured by their fangs. Placing your bare hands in the tank to remove the perch is pretty risky. 


A removable perch will also be a great purchase for your snake because it can stay coiled on the perch even after it is moved. Avoid tugging them off of their perch. This can really upset a green tree python. 


It is best to let them take their time sliding off of the perch and onto your hand. You can also have branch-like items nearby for them to hang out on. Also, avoid messing with their tails. The end of their tails looks like a little worm to draw in prey. The tip is also very delicate too.


One of the most important things you need to do for your snake while moving it out of its cage is to give it balance. While their bodies are strong, they need something to keep their balance between their head and their tail. 


Green tree pythons are very active at night and typically hunt during this time. I would recommend handling them during the day because they won’t be in that hunting mode. They will be less aggressive during the day. 


Knowing their body language is also important to keep you and your snake safe. If a green tree python is creating an “s” shape with their bodies, they are upset and looking to strike. This is a warning for you to back off and give them some space. Try handling them another time when they are not making that striking pose. 

Wrapping Up


Green tree pythons are wonderful pets for experienced snake handlers. They are an ideal pet for someone who wants very little interaction with them too. It is possible for a green tree python to feel comfortable with one person. This does not always guarantee that the person will not get bitten. 


I do not recommend getting a young child a green tree python because they do not like being handled. These snakes are display animals that want to be left alone on their perch.

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Proud bearded dragon, tortoise, crested gecko, and green tree python mom. I've always been passionate about animals and hope to help other reptile & amphibian enthusiasts along their journey!

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