The Top 4 Picks For Beginner Snake Owners

 The Top 4 Picks For Beginner Snake Owners

Which Snakes Make The Best Pets For New Owners?


Beginner snake owners need snakes that are docile, nonvenomous, and can stay at a manageable size. Here are the best snakes for pets that we think are ideal for new keepers. 

  1. Ball Pythons
  2. Rosy Boas
  3. Corn Snakes
  4. Kingsnakes

Ball Pythons


Ball Pythons are one of the most handleable snakes for any snake keeper. Breeders have also been able to create many different morphs. Ball pythons stay at a manageable size and their temperaments are very docile. Being handled often is not a problem for them either. They like to hang out with their keepers once they are comfortable. Ball Pythons will rarely lash out as well. The only way a Ball Python will strike is if they feel incredibly threatened. If you handle your Ball Python gently, the chances of them lashing out will be incredibly small. 


The maintenance for Ball Pythons is also at an easy level. They just need soft substrate free of any dyes or chemicals. They need a hide and a shallow water dish to hang out in. Ball Pythons also need a heat lamp to stay warm during the day. They like to stay coiled into little balls for most of the day as well. Feeding Ball Pythons is also easy. You can feed them live or frozen-thawed food. They eat once every 10-14 days once they are full grown. 

Rosy Boas


Rosy Boas have a great reputation for being docile. They are one of the nicest snakes to own. Rosy Boas can be very interactive snakes. It is very rare to be struck by a Rosy Boa. With a lot of gentle handling, your Rosy Boa won’t mind hanging out with you for a few minutes a day. Rosy Boas also grow to be only 36 inches long which is a very manageable size. 


Feeding Rosy Boas is also fairly easy. They will eat live or frozen-thawed rodents. They only need to eat 2-3 times a month. Rosy Boas also need minimal supplies to be happy and healthy. They just need a 20-30 gallon enclosure that is well ventilated with soft substrate, a hide, a shallow water dish, and a heat lamp. Rosy boas are also inexpensive themselves. Their neutral coloring and sweet temperament make them great for new snake owners.

Corn Snakes


Corn Snakes are another docile species of snake. Corn Snakes also grow to be 3-5 feet long which makes them one of the smaller pet snakes. They only need a 30 gallon enclosure to be happy. It is rare for a gently handled Corn Snake to strike as well. Their enclosures do not require a lot of accessories either. Soft substrate that is free of any chemicals, a hide, a shallow water dish, and a heat lamp are all Corn Snakes need. 


Corn Snakes do prefer eating live food which can be difficult for some new owners. You can always try frozen-thawed food. Corn Snakes also live up 15 years in captivity with excellent care. They are great long-term family pets. 



Kingsnakes are another popular first pet for new snake owners. They have sweet temperaments once they become used to being handled. It is important to get them while they are young so they can become acclimated to human interaction. Kingsnakes will rarely bite their owners as well. They will rattle the end of their tails or shoot an odor from their anal glands if they are afraid. Retreating into their hides is another way that they show when they are scared. It is important to be gentle and patient when handling a Kingsnake so they can learn to trust you. 


Kingsnake maintenance is also minimal. They just need soft substrate that is free of any chemicals. Place a couple hides in their enclosure and a shallow water dish for soaking. Adult Kingsnakes also need to be fed once a week. Cleaning up after a Kingsnake is easy too. Their enclosures need a major clean every 6 months. Their feces or other messes should be cleaned immediately. 

Wrapping Up


All of these snakes a readily available in pet stores and reptile shows. It is important to speak with a reputable breeder as well for more information on the snake that you are interested in. All four of these snakes have great temperaments and their maintenance is very minimal. They also have long lifespans and will be great pets to have. 

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