The Shocking Truth About Fire-Bellied Toads Revealed

 The Shocking Truth About Fire-Bellied Toads Revealed

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Are Fire-Bellied Toads Good Pets?


Fire-bellied toads are great pets for beginner owners. However, most of the work goes into maintaining the cleanliness of the tank. 

Image provided by @firebeilliedtoad on Instagram

The Shocking Truth


Their names are actually misleading. The fire-bellied toad is not actually a toad. It is a frog. The reason why they are called toads is because of their bumpy skin. The genus of a fire-bellied toad is Bombina which is a species of small frogs. 



Fire belly toads are easy to take care of because of their hardy appetites. Their tank maintenance will take more time and effort. Fire belly toads are actually poisonous and their skin can produce a lot of toxins. This means that their water will need to be changed regularly and the glass on will need cleaned. 


Their cages should be cleaned once a week. Adding in a water filter will help keep the water clean a lot longer. Water should still be changed regularly and the filter will also need to be cleaned out. If you don’t mind changing out water twice a week, then a fire belly toad is perfect for you.


The fire belly toad can produce a lot of waste. Keeping the bottom of the enclosure bare can make clean up a little bit easier. People like to use gravel or plants at the bottom as well. Springtails and other isopods are great for eating up any waste your pet will leave behind. 



A fire belly toad enclosure needs to have depth for water. An aquarium will work as long as there is good ventilation from the top. You can also get a paludarium. Paludariums are tanks that have doors that open from the front and provide enough depth for water at the bottom. They also leave a lot of space for basking above water. 


A paludarium from Zoo Med would be the easiest to use for fire belly toads because you can easily access the tank front doors and they come with well ventilated tops. Cleaning the water and feedings will be a lot easier too. 


The fire belly toad enclosure needs to have a basking spot out of the water. You can use smooth rocks, moss, drift wood, and fake foliage. There also needs to be a little hide where your toad can retreat to. 


The rest of the tank needs 3-4 inches of water. You can install a filter in with your paludarium kit as well to keep the water cleaner for longer. The safest water you should use is spring bottled water or dechlorinated water. Tap water can be really harmful to your toad. 

Temperature And Lighting


Fire belly toad water temperature can be at room temperature. Water that is between 75-78 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. A water heater is not necessary unless you are struggling to keep the water at room temperature.


Lighting required for a fire-bellied toad is a UVA/UVB light. A heat light can be used for the basking area. The heat should not go above 80 degrees in Fahrenheit. A digital thermometer will be very useful to have. 


The fire belly toad diet consists of crickets, waxworms, and mealworms. The insects need to be store-bought in order to avoid parasites. Their food also needs to be gut loaded with insect food for extra nutrients. They should also be dusted with reptile calcium powder every other feeding. 


Adult fire belly toads can eat about three times a week. Over feeding can cause health issues over time. 

Image provided by @firebelliedtoad on Instagram

Wrapping Up


The fire belly toad is actually a frog. Their maintenance is fairly easy aside from regular water changes. They require UVB and heat lights. Overall, the fire belly toad is a hardy animal and makes a great pet for first-time owners. 

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