The Complete Food List For Axolotls

 The Complete Food List For Axolotls

What Do Axolotls Eat?


Axolotls can eat a variety of insects and pellets. Their diet needs to be packed with protein and they will need to eat every 2-3 days. You can feed your axolotl three different ways. You can do live food, frozen food, and pellets. 

Frozen Food


Popular frozen food that you can feed you axolotl are worms and Brine Shrimp. Here are the variety of worms that your axolotl will enjoy.

  1. Blackworms
  2. Bloodworms
  3. Nightcrawlers
  4. Earthworms
  5. Waxworms
  6. Brine Shrimp

Each of these worms will provide a lot of protein and fat for your axolotl. The worms are a big staple in their diet and they should eat worms for almost every feeding. These worms need to be store-bought as well to prevent the risk of parasites. 

Live Food


The list of worms that I provided above can also be fed to your axolotl not frozen. They can be live as well! All insects should be purchased from the pet store or a very reputable insect breeder online. 


Daphnia is another live food option for your axolotl. Daphnia are very small crustaceans. They can be found at the pet store as well. Daphnia is a great treat because it provides a lot of vitamins that your axolotl will need to grow. They are popular with baby or younger axolotls. Most adults might reject Daphnia. 



Pellets are another popular food option for your axolotl. When looking for pellets, check the nutritional value on the label. They need pellets that are low in fat. Here are the two different kinds of pellets you can use. 


  1. Sinking Pellets
  2. Small Pellets


The sinking pellets are great because they like to eat their food from the bottom of the tank. 


The small pellets are essential for younger axolotls because the sinking pellets might be too large. 


Pellets should be fed every 2-3 days. Whatever you feed them should only take them a few minutes to eat. If it is taking them more than 5-10 minutes to eat their food, you gave them too much. 

Wrapping Up


Axolotls require a high protein diet every 2-3 days. They can eat a variety of worms that are frozen or live. They also enjoy pellets and Daphnia as a delicious snack. Only feed them what they can eat in a matter of a few minutes. 

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