The 5 Biggest Reasons Why You Should Bring Home A Bearded Dragon

 The 5 Biggest Reasons Why You Should Bring Home A Bearded Dragon

Are Bearded Dragons Good Pets?


Bearded dragons are reptiles that have a unique look and calm temperament. They are very low maintenance animals with an easy diet that make a great family pet. 

They Look Awesome!


First of all, bearded dragons look super cool. Their spiky sides and bumpy skin makes them look like a real dragon. If you touch the spikes on their sides, they are actually soft.


Their long tails and big beards make them look like a little dinosaur too. They can come in different morphs and colors as well which makes picking out a bearded dragon so much fun.


The actual purpose of these spikes is to look intimidating to predators. Their spikes and rugged skin makes them look like they would be painful to eat to some predators. When they flare out their beards, they look even more intimidating. 


Bearded dragons will reach up to two feet in length once they are fully grown too.


When a bearded dragon is in a loving home, they won’t flare their beards because they will feel safe and comfortable with you. 

Sweet Temperament


Bearded dragons have a very sweet and docile temperament if socialized properly. When you get a baby beardie, they might seem wiggly and fearful at first to be held. If you take a little bit of time each day petting, hand feeding, and holding your baby beardie, they will learn that you are not a threat.


Well socialized beardies will even sit on your shoulder all day and hang out with you during your daily activities. 

Low Maintenance


One of the things I love the most about having a bearded dragon is that maintaining his tank is so easy. It only takes me about 30 minutes a week total to clean it.


All your bearded dragon needs is a large terrarium to roam in, a UVB lamp, a heat lamp, food bowl, water bowl, a basking rock, a hammock, and a little den. All of these items will fit comfortably in a large terrarium and make a great home for your little pal.


 I would also suggest getting a humidity gage to stick to the side of the terrarium so you can monitor the humidity. Humidity helps a lot with bearded dragon growth, shedding, and digestion. 


The easiest substrates to use are reptile mats that mimic the desert floor and reptile carpet. All it takes is a paper towel to pick up any droppings. 

Easy Diet


The diet that bearded dragons have is great because a lot of what they eat can come straight from the grocery store. Berries, squash, bananas, and collard greens are what bearded dragons mostly eat when they are adults. 


Crickets and any other insects can be found at any local pet store. Luckily, purchasing insects is not expensive and they will be free of parasites. 

Great Family Pet


Bearded dragons make a great family pet because they are social with their owners and docile. It is possible for bearded dragons to get along with other animals in the household as well. 


Since bearded dragons are low maintenance, they are a great first pet for young children. They are wonderful to have to teach responsibility to your kids. Children will not have too many tasks that they need to do to take care of a bearded dragon. The responsibility load is very easy. 

Wrapping up


Bearded Dragons are very hardy reptiles that look amazing. Their sweet temperaments and low maintenance make them one of the most coveted pets. 

Jade Messieh

Proud bearded dragon, tortoise, crested gecko, and green tree python mom. I've always been passionate about animals and hope to help other reptile & amphibian enthusiasts along their journey!

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