The 3 Things You Need To Know About Tarantulas

 The 3 Things You Need To Know About Tarantulas

Are Tarantulas Easy To Take Care Of?


Tarantulas are popular invertebrates that are low maintenance. They do not require lighting and they only eat once a week. Ground dwelling tarantulas are best for beginner owners. 

1. Temperament and Behavior


Ground dwelling tarantulas are a little bit easier to take care of compared to an arboreal one. Burrowing tarantulas move slower too. If you are an experienced tarantula owner, a quick moving tree spider will be perfect for you.


Tarantula lifespan ranges from 2-20 years. Female tarantulas live longer than males. Males will only live for a few years. When bringing home a tarantula, make sure you know the gender so you can know what to expect for their lifespan. 

2. Enclosures Growing Mold


Tarantulas thrive in darker environments. This means that you do not need any special lighting for their enclosure. Their enclosure should also be kept away from a window or any other bright lighting. 


The species of tarantula is going to determine the humidity that you will need. Low humidity spiders require a water dish and a light misting once a week. 


Spiders that need higher humidity will need a temperature and humidity gauge. 


Cleaning out a lower humidity tank is going to produce less mold and will only need to be cleaned a couple times a year. Higher humidity enclosures are more likely to produce mold and other bacteria that could harm your tarantula. Cleaning will need to happen more often to prevent mold. 

3. They are venomous


Getting bit by your tarantula is a possibility. They are venomous from having a diet of wasps or bees. Their bites will cause swelling and pain. 


Some people can have severe allergies to spider bites and the reaction can be fatal. 


Some spiders have tiny barbed hairs on their legs as well that can be itchy and irritating on the skin. 

Wrapping Up


Tarantulas should be handled with care and caution. Their hairs could cause irritation to the skin and they have the potential to bite. Their tanks can grow mold easily if the humidity is too high and if they are not cleaned. Experienced owners can handle tree dwelling tarantulas while beginners should start with burrowing tarantulas. 

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