Six Froggy Facts: White’s Tree Frog

 Six Froggy Facts: White’s Tree Frog

What are some facts about White’s tree frogs? 


White’s tree frogs are very cute amphibians that require minimal care. They are popular frogs to have as pets as well. Here are the 6 important facts about White’s tree frogs that you need to know!

Fact #1


The White’s Tree frog has other names. They are also known as the Dumpy Tree frog or the Smiling Tree frog. Their chunky and smiley appearance give them those names. 

Fact #2


Despite their appearance, White’s Tree frogs can be stealthy. They can climb vertical surfaces that are smooth. Their feet are like little suction cups that allow them to stick to glass surfaces. 

Image provided by @tays.exotic.critters on Instagram.

Fact #3


Their temperament is very docile, making them perfect pets for new frog owners. They are safe to give to responsible children as pets too. The White’s Tree frog can also live up to 15 years old, if properly taken care of. It is always possible that they could live a little bit longer too.

Image provided by @tays.exotic.critters on Instagram.

Fact #4


This tree frog can come in a variety of colors. These colors can range from light green, emerald green, light blue, and sometimes slightly gray. Their bellies stay a creamy white color. 

Image provided by @tays.exotic.critters on Instagram.

Fact #5


White’s Tree frogs originally come from New Guinea, North, and East Australia. They like to stay in cool and damp areas when they sleep. They are also nocturnal. 

Image provided by @tays.exotic.critters on Instagram.

Fact #6


White’s tree frogs like to eat insects. They will eat small spiders, flies, moths, crickets, and worms. They can capture their prey with their sticky tongues. If the prey is larger, they will attack by jumping on top of the prey and use their hands to put it in their mouth. They look pretty ferocious when eating larger food. 

Wrapping Up


White’s tree frog care is fairly easy and they are very docile. Their dumpy appearance makes them look extremely cute and they are very popular pet amphibians. 

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