Everything You Need To Know About Tokay Geckos

 Everything You Need To Know About Tokay Geckos

Are Tokay Geckos Good Pets?


This species of gecko is very feisty and can be aggressive. Tokay geckos should be handled by experienced owners and not by young children. 

Quick Facts


Tokay geckos are usually seen as blue in color with orange dots. There are a variety of tokay geckos that can come in different morphs as well. Rare morphs are typically going to be more expensive than your common morph. 


The tokay gecko is the second largest species of gecko in the world. They can grow to be up to 20 inches long and weigh up to 400 grams. 


The life span of a tokay gecko can be between 10-20 years depending on their care. 




Tokay geckos are aggressive and they can bite. Male tokay geckos are very territorial as well. It is better to house them alone and leave them as display animals. Some owners may be able to hold their tokay gecko, but it took a lot of time and effort to establish trust. 


The will definitely bite and they have strong jaws. Their bites will hurt and you should keep them away from small children. Being handled is not something a tokay gecko will tolerate all that well.


Tokay geckos get their name from the sounds that they make. Their call literally sounds like they are saying “to-kay”. They will make this sound all night if they want to. If you want a good nights rest, don’t put a tokay gecko in your room. Tokay geckos are pretty inactive during the day and are the most active at night. 



The tokay gecko is the second largest gecko in the world. A terrarium less than 20 gallons is not going to be adequate enough for housing. It is recommended to get a 30 gallon tank or more so they have lots of room for climbing. The tank can also be tall for more vertical space with top ventilation.


Tokay geckos are arboreal, which means that they love to climb in trees. Fill the tank with a lot of branches, vines, and foliage for climbing. Provide basking spots towards the top of the cage and well shaded spots too. Little logs or caves will make your tokay gecko really happy. 


Substrate that you will need in your enclosure can be plain paper towels, coconut husk, and orchid bark. All of these substrates will also help retain humidity in the enclosure. 

Lighting And Humidity


A ceramic heat bulb is one of the best heat sources you can use for a tokay gecko. The ceramic bulb can be used day and night. A UVA/UVB bulb is not required for this species since they are active at night. A heat source must always be available. 


The temperature during the day should be between 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit. At night, their terrariums need to be 70-79 degrees Fahrenheit.


The ceramic heat bulb should be placed at the top of the cage since tokay geckos are arboreal. The light must hang above the cage to prevent burns. Do not let the light touch the roof of the cage either. There are stands that can be used to help hang the light over the enclosure. 


Humidity can be achieved through light misting. Their humidity can be between 60%-75%. Do not let the tank be extremely wet or too dry. A tank too wet with not be comfortable for you gecko and might allow bacterial growth. A tank that is too dry will cause shedding problems. If you have proper tank ventilation, then the humidity will not be overbearing. 

Diet And Water


Tokay geckos eat a wide variety of insects that you can find in the store. They will eat store-bought crickets, superworms, waxworms, roaches, and grasshoppers. These insects need to be dusted regularly with reptile calcium. They can also be gut loaded with insect food for extra nutrients. 


Tokay geckos should eat several insects almost every day. 


In order to stay hydrated, tokay geckos will lick water droplets off of the tank or plants. A big water dish is not necessary. Just spray the tank twice a day with water to keep them hydrated. 

Wrapping Up


Tokay gecko maintenance is fairly easy. They require feedings every other day, misting twice a day, and they require one heat source. Handling tokay geckos should be kept to a minimum because they are aggressive and will bite. Tokay geckos should be handled by experienced owners. 

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