Are Giant Leaf-Tailed Geckos A Good Pet For You?

 Are Giant Leaf-Tailed Geckos A Good Pet For You?

Are Giant Leaf-Tailed Geckos Good Pets?


Giant leaf-tailed geckos do not require a lot of maintenance and prefer to hide in their enclosures. They can be handled by their owners over time and make great pets. 



Giant leaf-tailed geckos originated from Madagascar and their maximum length can be up to 12 inches. Their appearance helps them stay camouflaged in the trees of the forests. It is important that their enclosures match the conditions of their natural habitat and accommodate their size. 


For a single adult leaf-tailed gecko, a good size enclosure would be 3 feet tall and 18 inches wide. If you have more than one, you will want to get a larger size tank. Taller tanks are best for giant leaf-tailed geckos. 


The accessories are pretty important when it comes to decorating the enclosure. Leaf-tailed geckos need places to climb and camouflage. Using fake branches, vines, rocks, and leaves will be perfect for your gecko. You can even get a cork backdrop for inside the cage that mimics a rock wall or tree bark. 


There a several different substrates you can use. Paper towel is always easy to replace and will catch the mess. Fake moss is also easy to clean off. If you want fully live vivarium, you can use soil without fertilizers, real moss, and springtails. The springtails are little bugs that will eat the gecko poop. They keep the ground clean in your tank. 



Giant leaf-tailed geckos will eat store-bought insects. Their diet consists of crickets, roaches, and super worms. They need to be fed 2-3 times a week. 


If you have loose substrate, the insects should be put in a little dish to prevent the substrate from being ingested. Ingesting soil can be harmful to your gecko if it eats enough. 


Gut load the insects and dust them with reptile calcium powder. This will provide extra nutrients for your growing giant leaf-tailed gecko. 


In order to keep your gecko hydrated, you just have to lightly mist their enclosure once a day. They will lick the little water droplets off of any plants or the glass. You can also have a little water bowl. Be sure to change it out whenever the water gets dirty. 



Leaf-tailed geckos will need the regular 12 hours of light a day. You can set up your lights with a timer so they can get the appropriate amount of lighting. Using a UVA/UVB light will also be beneficial for your gecko. 


They will live comfortably in 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a 60w incandescent bulb above the basking spot to achieve the maximum temperature. 



The humidity level that your giant leaf-tailed gecko will need ranges between 65%-80%. This humidity can be achieved with the help of the substrate, a light misting every day, and the tank being the appropriate temperature. You can get a humidity gauge to keep an accurate measurement of the humidity. 



In the wild, giant leaf-tailed geckos are going to be very jumpy and avoid handling. Captive bred geckos will be more tolerant of handling. They like to try to jump away and it is important that you don’t grab them too hard or allow them to fall from a high distance. 


It is possible for your leaf-tailed gecko to be comfortable enough to sit on your hand for a moment. This takes a lot of time and handling from a young age. Geckos are pretty docile across the board, but there is a possibility of getting bit. 


Keeping handling to a minimum to avoid stressing out your giant gecko. 

Wrapping Up


Giant leaf-tailed geckos are great pets for experienced gecko owners. Creating their enclosures to meet their needs for camouflage can be a lot of fun and watching them hunt for their food is also exciting. Their maintenance does not require a lot of work unless you have live plants or isopods to keep alive. 

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