An Essential Care Guide For Emperor Scorpions

 An Essential Care Guide For Emperor Scorpions

Are Emperor Scorpions Easy To Care For?


If you love arachnids, but have never owned one, the Emperor Scorpion is perfect for you. They are recommended for new owners because they are clean and like to keep to themselves. 

Handling And Temperament


The Emperor Scorpion is one of the more docile species of scorpions. Their stingers also carry venom that is the least potent. Their calm temperament and fairly harmless sting make them a great pet for first-time arachnid owners. 


Emperor Scorpions have large pincers that they may try to use if they feel scared or threatened. Getting your finger pinched with a pincer is not going to feel pleasant. It is a possibility to be able to hold your Emperor Scorpion, but be prepared to be pinched or stung at some point. 


If you are allergic to bee stings, we do not recommend that you get a scorpion. Their venom can be extremely dangerous to you. 


Handling is obviously important when you have to remove them to clean their enclosure. You can use large tongs with soft pads on the ends to remove them from their enclosure. 


 We recommend that you get a 10 gallon glass enclosure for your scorpion. The enclosure needs a lid that will lock securely on the top and is well ventilated. If you plan on getting more than one Emperor Scorpion, you may want to get a larger tank. 
In your enclosure you will need a couple hiding places. They are nocturnal and will want a place to hide at night. A rock den or piece of driftwood will work well. 
Substrate that you can use is soil without fertilizers, vermiculite, or peat. Coco husk is also soft and able to retain some moisture. The substrate needs to be at least 4 inches deep because the scorpions like to burrow. 
We also recommend that you use sphagnum moss along different areas of the enclosure. It will look nice and help retain humidity.
Avoid cluttering the enclosure with a lot of accessories and do not rearrange their cage often. This can be really stressful for them and they will have a more difficult time hunting. 

Diet and Water

Emperor Scorpions love to eat insects. They can eat small crickets, wax worms, and meal worms. If your scorpion is young and still very small, they will need smaller insects or crickets. 
These scorpions will only eat about 5 crickets a week. They could eat 2-3 worms a week. Emperor Scorpions do not require a lot of food which make their maintenance a lot easier. 
The only extra nutrients you need to give your scorpion are gut loaded insects. This means that the insects have eaten a high protein meal that you can find in a pet store.
Other than getting misted, scorpions will need a very shallow water dish with clean water. They need to be able to climb in and out very easily without drowning. 

Humidity and Temperature


Emperor Scorpions are originally from a very warm and humid environment. Their enclosure needs to be kept between 75-95 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a heat pad underneath half of the enclosure. We recommend that you get a digital thermometer as well to be able to accurately check the temperature. 


UVB lights are not required for scorpions, but getting misted daily is. Humidity is very important for your scorpion’s health. Dehydration is the biggest health concern when the humidity is too low. The humidity levels can range from 65%-80%. 

Wrapping Up


Emperor Scorpions do not require a lot of equipment for being happy. They do not need lights, they only need to be fed a few crickets a week, and they are clean eaters too. The only difficult task is removing them for cage cleaning. You can use soft padded tongs to remove them to avoid getting pinched or stung. 


These scorpions are great for first time arachnid owners, but hold them at your own risk. They like to keep to themselves and might not always enjoy being handled. 

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