A Basic Guide To Axolotl Care

 A Basic Guide To Axolotl Care

Are Axolotls Good Pets?


Axolotls are a unique pet that are actually a type of salamander. Axolotls are aquatic amphibians their whole lives and come in a small variety of colors. Maintenance is easy with axolotls and they are rising in popularity. 



Axolotls are very tame creatures that should only be used as a display animal. They are not social at all and should undergo limited interaction with their owners. Axolotls do not require any handling and would prefer being left alone.


They need to be housed separately as well. Tail nipping or aggression is common if more than one are housed together. 



You will need a 20-gallon aquarium for an axolotl because they can grow to be around 12 inches long. The aquarium does not need to be completely filled with water either. Two feet deep of water will be plenty. 


The aquarium should not be placed by a window and should be in a cool room. Lighting is not required for axolotls because they like dark places to hide. Placing a large hiding spot would make your axolotl very happy. 


Water temperatures need to range from 57-67 degrees Fahrenheit. The water should never go above 72 degrees Fahrenheit. 


The ground of the aquarium needs gravel that can easily be grabbed by your axolotl’s feet. Small gravel can be ingested and cause impaction.


Use large, coarse gravel that cannot be easily ingested. You can also use a fine sand substrate that is used for aquariums. Opting for not using anything at the bottom of the aquarium is fine too.

Water Maintenance


Keeping the water clean is the biggest maintenance task. The easiest way to keep the tank clean is by using a water filter. Have the water filter be on a slow setting so that there are no strong currents. Powerful filters can be dangerous and could trap your axolotl. 


It is recommended to use a siphon or aquarium vacuum hose to clean the bottom of the tank. You also don’t need to take out all of the water when cleaning the tank. Take out 20%-25% of the water every other day.


You do not want the water change to be too overwhelming for your axolotl. Remove chlorine or any other water additives by using water solutions. The chlorine can be harmful. The pH of the water needs to stay at a neutral level as well. 6.5-7.5 is considered neutral. 



The axolotl diet consists of brine shrimp, frozen fish food, salmon pellets, bloodworms, and tubifex worms. Any food that has not been eaten needs to be removed from the tank in order to keep the water clean. 


Finding Your Axolotl


Not all states allow the possession of axolotls. Make sure your state does allow you to have this as a pet or to breed. Breeders are going to have the best variety of healthy axolotls to choose from. Reptile expos can be a great place to find an axolotl. 

Wrapping Up


Axolotls are rising in popularity with amphibian owners. Their level of care is very minimal and they prefer to be housed alone. Cleaning their water is easy and they are very cute pets to have overall.

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