3 Reasons Why Ball Pythons Make Amazing Pets

 3 Reasons Why Ball Pythons Make Amazing Pets

Are Ball Pythons Good Pets?


Ball pythons are very popular snakes to own for first-time snake owners because of their docile temperament. Ball pythons also stay fairly small compared to other snake species, making them a great option for kids as well. 

Reason 1: Temperament


Ball pythons will only grow to five feet in length at the most, but don’t be afraid. They are smaller than other constricting snakes.


They have earned their name because they like to be coiled into a tight little ball. Rather than lashing out, they will wrap themselves in a ball or just try to hide if they feel afraid.


 Ball pythons do not mind being handled often, which is another reason why they are so popular to have. These snakes are also popular among young children to have because of their friendly disposition. 


 While it is possible that a ball python could lash out, it is very rare for this to happen. Your snake would have to be in a lot of distress and agitation to want to lash out. When your snake coils up, just leave them alone until they unwind again. 

Reason 2: Their Size


Ball pythons can range from 3-5 ft in length. That is very small compared to other snake species. Their small size makes them another safe option to have as a pet for young children.


A small snake does not need to eat large meals either. Ball pythons eat small mice that need to be store bought. Luckily, they only need to eat once a week as babies and once every two weeks as adults. 


Live feedings are not always desirable for the owner. Pet stores have frozen mice to thaw that you can give to your snake. The safest size to get your ball python is a small mouse. 

Reason 3: Overall Maintenance


Ball pythons are fairly clean pets and don’t create a huge mess. The only major mess that they make is when they shed and use the bathroom. In both cases, the mess is easy to clean up. All you need is a paper towel to pick up the shed and fecal. 


 A deep clean in the tank will be needed once a month and any other messes should be cleaned on sight. Changing out substrate once every one to two weeks will be necessary as well. 


 Another great thing about ball pythons is that they do not need constant attention and care like cats or dogs. You can leave town for a week and your snake will be completely fine. Older snakes only eat once every two weeks. Just feed your snake before you go and leave a bowl of water for them to soak in. 

Wrapping Up


If you are looking for a low maintenance animal, a ball python is the perfect pet for you. They are a friendly snake that does not require a lot of cleaning. Feeding is weekly at first, but then once every two weeks once they are older. They are clean eaters and their substrate is easy to replace. You can even leave town for a week and not have to worry about taking them to a boarding facility. I suggest getting a ball python because they are sweet and easy. 

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