10 Cool Facts About Axolotls To Impress Your Friends

 10 Cool Facts About Axolotls To Impress Your Friends

What Makes Axolotls Unique?


There are many things about axolotls that make them unique. Their anatomy, temperament, and diet are just a few things that separate this animal from all others. 

1. Their Gills


The feathery like pieces on their heads are actually their gills. Those little filaments are actually where gas gets exchanged. The external gills are there to help them breathe underwater more efficiently. They cover more surface area with their branch like appearance.

2. They Are Amphibians


There has been a long debate on whether axolotls are fish or amphibians. The truth is that they are part of the salamander family. This means that they are amphibians. 

3. Lost an arm? No problem


Axolotls can regenerate. It only takes several weeks for an axolotl to regenerate a missing limb. They can also regenerate their hearts and brains. If they suffer from minor trauma to the heart or head, they are able to regenerate back to normal. However, axolotls can only regenerate a few times before they just develop scar tissue. 

4. Water Dogs

Axolotls have been around since the Aztecs. The name was originally spelled Xolotl. Xolotl was an Aztec god that had a dog head. They believed the Xolotl feared death and transformed into a plant, eventually turning into an axolotl. This could be why they look like dogs with plant like branches on their heads. They are also only found in Mexico. Their other name is the Mexican Walking fish. 

5. Friendly?


Axolotls can be friendly, but they can also be very fearful of people. In captivity, axolotls may feel comfortable with their owners. Most axolotls prefer to be left alone. It is possible that they can bite. They can bite one another or accidentally nip a finger when it is time to eat. Their bite won’t harm people at all. Axolotls can be aggressive if a fish or another axolotl is in their territory. They will bite anything off of an opponent. 

6. Axolotls are endangered


Axolotls are declining in numbers in the wild because of pollution. While the population in Mexico grows, the more pollution there is in the water. People also try to eat axolotls as a delicacy. Large predatory fish are also being put in the same water ways as the axolotl. There will come a day where the only axolotls you see are from breeders or pet stores. 

7. Meat Eaters


Axolotls are actually carnivorous. Their diet consists of insect larvae and crustaceans. They also eat small fish. In captivity they can eat salmon pellets, bloodworms, and earthworms. They don’t have sharp teeth and they suck their prey into their mouths as well. Whatever they eat needs to be able to fit into their mouths. 

8. Their size


Axolotls can grow up to 10 inches. Captive bred axolotls might grow to 12 inches, but that will be very rare. They will weigh up to 8 ounces and live up to 15 years old. They might even be able to live longer in captivity. 

9. Color Variety


Axolotls can come in a small variety of colors. The first color is called “wild” because they are a combination of grays, blacks, and greens. They even have gold specks all over their bodies.


The other color is “leucistic” which are your pink axolotls.


They can also be albino, which is completely white.


Golden is another color. They are golden and peachy colored. Their gills are also peach colored. 


Melanoid is the last color. These have the most pigmentation making them completely black or brown all over. Even the gills are dark. 

10. They Make Great Pets


Even though it is unfortunate that their population is declining, they will still be available in captivity. Their unique look and sweet faces are making them become more popular as pets. They require medium difficulty maintenance because aquatic animals are a little bit tougher. The water conditions have to be perfect. Luckily, they make filters and temperature gauges to keep a more accurate reading on the water. 

Wrapping Up


You will definitely impress your friends with these cool facts about axolotls. They are extremely unique animals that make great pets and have a long history. 

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